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Web Sites Especially Valuable
to Firms Who Market Locally.

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Yellow Pages-Type Sites

Here is an article that lists another hundred or so of blogs,article sites and social sites.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Debbie Ferrari Elected 2010 Board Member of National Council of Exchangors

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Orange County real estate Realtor Debbie Ferrari Nlamed 2009 President of National 1031 Group

Debbie Ferrari Elected President
of National Council of Exchangors

San Clemente, CA – August, 2009 -- Debbie Ferrari, e-PRO, ABR, EMS, CE, RRS TVIMS, Broker Associate with Prudential California Realty in San Clemente/Laguna Niguel, CA, has been elected 2009 President of the National Council of Exchangors (

Ferrari gained national notoriety when an entire chapter of her Internet realty advice appeared in tough-minded real estate developer Donald Trump’s new, 273-page real estate success book: Trump---The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received: 100 Top Experts Share Their Strategies. ( and nationwide).

NCE members bear the designation of Equity Marketing Specialist or "EMS" after achieving a high level of education in real estate marketing, real estate counseling, real estate taxation, real estate financing, real estate management, and real estate exchange as determined by the National Council of Exchangors.

EMS real estate brokers help consumers achieve a tax-free exchange of real property through the tax deferral provisions of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. These tax-free Section 1031 exchanges allow consumers to compound their real estate equity instead of bleeding it through the unnecessary payment of capital gains taxes.

Ferrari is a member of the National Council of Exchangors "Hall of Fame," and one of the few equity professionals qualified to moderate 1031 property exchanges at official NCE meetings nationwide.

She is a two-time past-president of NCE's California "Association of Creative Exchangors" chapter, whose members assist clients in exploring more cost-effective ways to acquire property.

She is a nationally known Internet Realtor® due to her pioneering web marketing history, and 700-page web site at Her site ranks #1 on Google among County Realtors® in searches for “Orange County Realtor,” and is considered the “most awarded” known Realtor® site in the U.S. She is also a guest columnist at

Ferrari’s web site offers moving 360-degree views of local recreation and resort areas including Dana Point’s Harbor, San Clemente’s pier, and San Juan Capistrano’s Mission.

Hers is among the first Realtor® sites ever to offer unlimited free MLS searching of homes for sale in Southern California.

Her site visitors can access a two-minute video about her, download realty reports, find updated county real estate marketing conditions reports, access two monthly newsletters, plus full school and city/utilities information, mortgage calculators, a home fire safety section, and more than a thousand links to off-site realty info.

Her website is at Information about the EMS designation and 1031 property exchange transactions is at

Ferrari can be reached at 949-463-4111, Email:

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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San Clemente Realtor, Orange County Realtor and real estate agent Debbie Ferrari lets you search the FULL MLS from her site at www.Debbie

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Estate Planning Seminars at Casa Romantica

The courtyard at Casa Romantica Cultural Center above San Clemente pier.

Free---Casa Romantica
Hosts Educational Estate
Planning Seminars

My Orange County PR, Publicity and Web Marketing Consultant husband, Bill Koelzer and I just love the look, feel, ocean view, ambiance, decor, architecture, courtyard, patios, exhibits and grandeur of San Clemente's own Casa Romantica Cultural Center.....
Every time as an Orange County Realtor that I sell San Clemente real estate to a home buyer just moving here, I make sure to show them the Casa Romantica in all its glory.
Below is just one of the many FREE events that shows how wise we, in our community, were to NOT turn the former home of our city's founder, Ole Hanson, into a Mexican restaurant.
We derisively called that suggestion by several restaurateur entrepreneurs the "Taco Romantica" iniative as we were opposing their idea.
Ultimately community acclaim, kicked off by an anonymous million dollar donation, led to the Casa Romantica renovation.

Read about a terrific FREE Event at the Casa Romantica
that goes on over the next eight weeks:

August 27, 2008
CONTACT: Karen Ahola
949.498.2139, ext. 11

Free---Casa Romantica
Hosts Educational Estate
Planning Seminars

September 16 – November 4
Tuesdays, 10: a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

San Clemente, CA – Beginning on September 16, 2008 at 10:00 a.m., Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens will host a free 8-week workshop series entitled “It’s Your Estate” that will provide 12 hours of objective education about estate planning. The series is designed specifically to educate attendees in the consumer financial arena and help them take charge of their own money and estate.

The workshops will be moderated by private fiduciary Peter C. Kote. Mr. Kote was recently announced a winner of The Financial Planning Association’sâ (FPAâ ) third annual Heart of Financial Planning Distinguished Service Awards.

The awards recognize those individuals who engage in extraordinary work to contribute to the financial planning community and/or to the public through financial planning. Mr. Kote’s “It’s Your Money” and “It’s Your Estate” series educate the public on the importance of financial literacy so they are better prepared to protect their own financial interests from predatory sales techniques.

Topics covered in the “It’s Your Estate” series hosted by Casa Romantica include accounting, finance, legal insurance, taxes, investments and charitable planning.
The series schedule is as follows:

09-16-08 Introduction/Quiz – Peter Kote
09-23-08 Estate Planning Basics - Edward Pernal, Jr.
09-30-08 Advanced Health Care Directive; Conservatorship & Power of Attorney over Assets - John Minnott
10-07-08 Advanced Estate Planning - Brian Mandel
10-14-08 Charitable Income & Tax Planning Issue – Steve Marken10-21-08 IRA; 401k; 403b and 457 plans distributions – Toni DeGasperin
10-28-08 Being a Trustee & Executor – Peter Kote & Ken Petersen
11-04-08 Case Study/Review – Peter Kote

The program is strictly educational. No living trust products or insurance will be sold, no professional advisor will solicit or receive mailing addresses or phone numbers, and no charity will solicit a donation.

When: Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
September 16 – November 4, 2008

Where: 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, CA 92672

What: It’s Your Estate. A free 8-week workshop series providing objective education about estate planning

Reservations: 949.498-2139 ext. 10

Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens is a non-profit organization based in San Clemente, CA. Built in 1928 by San Clemente city founder Ole Hanson, Casa Romantica was purchased by the city in 1989 and listed on the Registry of Historic Places in 1991. The Casa is dedicated to preserving California’s rich history and traditions while serving as a cultural and educational resource for the broader community and for visitors to Orange County. Casa Romantica offers programs that feed the soul and inspire young and old alike. The facility is open year-round.

Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens
415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, CA 92672
Tel 949.498.2139 Fax 949.498.2192

Karen Ahola
Director of Marketing
415 Avenida Granada
San Clemente, CA 92672

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    Friday, June 20, 2008

    FootHill South 241 Toll Road Stays Alive.

    The Transportation Corridor Agencies in its quest to build the last 16 miles of the 241 Toll Road.

    The TCA this month got approvals and consensus from the Calfornia Dept. of Fish and Game and the U.S. Department of fish and wildlife. The two organizations are effectively saying that the road DOES NOT wipe out any species and mitigates any damage done by replacing wild areas damaged by the road.

    This is a major step in okaying the 241's completion through South Orange County real estate.

    The U.S. Secretary of Commerce has taken public comments on the issue.

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      Sunday, June 15, 2008